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Why advertise with us ?

Our process 

Our social media advertising services 

Social media advertising services 

More traffic,more leads more conversions

Our Social media advertising services can help you :

Spend less on your advertising and get better results

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available today. On average, you can spend Rs 350 and reach 1000 people.

In comparison to traditional media, social media advertising is 3x less costly.  

Advertise to your exact demographic

Advertising through social media is powerful because you can target your exact demographic.We can help you reach people based on :


  • Demographics: Run targeted advertisements to people based on their interest, online behaviors, specific age range, location, income level and much more!
  • Email list: Send your email list to us and we can run custom ads to your email database.If you have emails of previous customer, then you’ll be able to say hello to repeat sale and new referrals.
  • Website visitors: Add a retargeting pixel to your website and advertise t to recent website visitors. The conversions rate of a first time visitor is as low as 1-2%.For that reason we use retargeting to increase your rate of conversions.

Get fast result 

Our social media advertising services fast-track your result.You can reach people instantly.This mean you can get followers and engagement, and website quit fast but this being said.The more ad dollars you’re able to provide, the more people we can reach.As you reach more people, you open up the door for more awareness, traffic and sales

Proven-result social media advertising services

Our Social media advertising services help you generate immediate results on social media.Our social media advertising services will allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted marketing platform available today

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